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Real Patient Stories: Full Mouth Reconstruction


Featuring Success Stories and Experiences from individuals who have undergone Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full-mouth dental reconstruction offers substantial benefits for individuals facing various oral health issues. One primary advantage is the restoration of optimal oral functionality. For those with missing teeth, compromised dental structures, or misalignments, these comprehensive procedures aim to address these issues simultaneously.  

The result is an improved ability to bite, chew, and speak comfortably. By correcting underlying problems, full mouth reconstruction contributes to a more balanced and functional oral environment, alleviating discomfort and restoring a sense of ease in everyday activities like eating and speaking. 

Full mouth rehabilitation isn't just about making your smile look good; it includes different dental procedures that simultaneously fix oral health problems. It's not just about filling in missing teeth or making smiles better; it's about improving the lives of the people going through it. 

Deciding to fix your whole mouth is a big step, and people do it for different reasons, like repairing dental issues, making their smile look better, or dealing with problems while eating. In this blog, we're sharing stories of people who've gone through this big dental journey that might inspire you as a candidate for full-mouth rehabilitation. So, let's begin. 

Story # 1: Patient "Nancy"

I used to have a real problem with my teeth because of something called bruxism. It made me grind and clench my teeth; they got cracked and worn down over time. It was frustrating, so I decided to find a place that could help. I came across a dental practice that seemed excellent and affordable. The dentist came up with a plan to fix my teeth. 

The plan involved a full mouth reconstruction, where they had to fix 28 crowns and do 28 root canals. The dental team explained everything to me and made sure I understood. I got answers to all my questions, which made me feel more at ease. Luckily, thanks to their advanced methods, the process wasn't as painful as I thought. They used porcelain for my new crowns, and they look just like my natural teeth. 

After completing my full mouth reconstruction, I returned to eating and speaking like before. Life improved so much without those dental problems, and I'm proud to show off my new smile. Going through this at the dental place taught me that improving my smile improved my life. 

Story # 2: Patient "Magnolia"

I spent 18 months in Arizona, and during that time, I saw a dentist because I wasn't happy with my smile and had dental issues. The dentist there did a lot of work, but it was expensive. When I returned to Seattle, I sought another doctor, hoping to fix what I wasn't satisfied with. Unfortunately, the second doctor couldn't address my concerns, and I was also experiencing migraine headaches. That's when I was referred to Dr. Darvish, who quickly identified that my bite was off and causing the headaches. The dental work I received previously needed to be better. I asked the new doctor if he could help me, and he did that perfectly. 

The doctor took away my pain by realigning my bite and giving me the beautiful smile I longed for. I am pleased with the results. My case was a full mouth reconstruction. I suffered from headaches due to the incorrect position of my bite, broken or chipped ceramic restorations, dental disease, and misaligned teeth. The doctor thoroughly examined my case, focusing on finding the correct position for my bite. By rebuilding my bite correctly, he was able to alleviate my headaches. The design process then addressed the shape and condition of my teeth, resulting in an incredible smile.

During the process, I remember my dentist touching an area that hurt severely, and he immediately identified the issue. He explained the stages of the treatment and kept me informed throughout. When I finally got my new teeth, the relief from the migraines was immense. I felt so much better, and now I can confidently smile, eat, and enjoy time with my friends without discomfort. I receive many compliments for my dentist's work, and I'm grateful that he took away my pain and gave me the beautiful smile I had always wanted. I'm genuinely happy with the results. 

"Individuals undergoing full mouth reconstruction report a remarkable 85% increase in confidence levels after completing their dental journey." 

Story # 3: Patient's Dental Trauma 

I had a bad accident that messed up my teeth. I lost many of them in a fall, affecting my smile. Right after the accident, I had some implants put in, and I had to wear this temporary denture until the implants were ready for the final teeth. But honestly, I wasn't happy with how things were going. I wanted my new teeth to look and feel like the ones I lost, and I'd been living with a broken smile for over a year. 

My dentist saw me about a year after the accident after I had some teeth taken out and the implants put in. It would have been easier if they used some guide when they put in the implants, but we had to work with what we had. The dentist then planned to fix everything, considering how my teeth used to look. I brought pictures of my old smile, and we spent much time figuring out how the new teeth should be. The dentist even made models and wax-ups to show me what it would look like. We went back and forth, adjusting until we had a plan we both liked. 

Then, they made a new temporary thing that replaced my old denture. I was so happy to have my smile back, even temporarily. I wore temporaries until my permanent teeth were ready. The recovery was okay, considering all the work I had done. Some adjustments were needed, and I had some tenderness and irritation from the temporary teeth, but it wasn't too bad. 

The hardest part was getting the new teeth to look just right. I was in my early 20s and was too concerned about the appearance of my teeth. I wanted them to match my old ones perfectly. Plus, scar tissue from the accident made things more complicated. My dental team worked with me every step of the way. They made molds, adjusted things, and even returned some pieces to the lab to get them just how I wanted. My dentist had a lot of experience with these treatments, and it showed. Now that I have my new teeth, I'm happy and confident with my smile again. 

Final Thoughts 

Embark on your journey towards a transformative smile today! From individuals navigating the aftermath of accidents to those overcoming the challenges of severe bruxism, these stories resonate, showcasing the profound impact of comprehensive dental care. They highlight timely intervention and collaboration with specialists such as prosthodontists and dental teams. If you believe you could benefit from complete mouth restoration, consult your dentist to explore your options and pave the way for a brand-new smile. Take the first step towards a brighter, healthier future – schedule your consultation now! 

Contact your dentist in Walnut Creek, Dr. Massood Darvishzadeh, DDS at Walnut Creek Dental, to learn more about Full Mouth Reconstruction.


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