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Perhaps one of the most unique aspects of dental porcelain is that it is incredibly useful in replicating both function and form when it comesPorcelain Fixed Bridges to natural human teeth. Whether talking about dental crowns or porcelain veneers as well as perhaps even a porcelain fixed bridge, porcelain is an excellent option in terms of providing outstanding durability, longevity and good aesthetic overall appeal [1]. The porcelain fixed bridge is an excellent option for replacing a missing tooth or multiple teeth. Porcelain is especially useful because it can easily be sculpted to perfectly replace the look of natural tooth enamel. In particular, porcelain is a durable material that results in a bridge with a stronger base and better overall appearance.

Meet With Your Dental Care Provider To Discuss Options

Fixed Bridge vs Removable BridgeIn terms of design capabilities, porcelain is so remarkably flexible that it can be used not only to replace teeth that have gone missing but also to improve the general appearance of other teeth in order to create a truly flawless appearance [2]. While it is true that there are a number of ways to replace missing or damaged teeth, the first step in getting it right in this regard is to simply meet with your dental care provider to discuss all options. Following a careful and detailed examination, the right course of treatment will then be suggested. Ultimately the end decision rests with the patient. Porcelain is a great choice today for a number of reasons including the fact that it is incredibly functional and surprisingly affordable.

Shaped To Perfectly Duplicate Original Natural Teeth

The process itself is relatively simple in that porcelain fixed bridges are used to replace missing teeth by making use of surrounding teeth as a secure foundation. This creates an actual bridge between healthy remaining teeth (or dental implants as replacement for roots) and teeth that have gone missing due to disease or for some other reason [3]. Dental porcelain is unique in a number of ways including the fact that it can be shaped to perfectly duplicate original natural teeth. It is also desirable because it typically fits comfortably within the patient's established biting pattern. Porcelain, because of its remarkable durability can withstand most of the same forces exerted on natural teeth.Fixed Bridge over Dental Implant

An Impressive Looking Tooth Replacement Option

It is surprisingly ideal for mimicking tooth enamel with its glass-like appearance and overall degree of whiteness. Translucent and highly receptive to light means that porcelain provides an impressive looking tooth replacement solution. Most notably, porcelain allows light to penetrate the material and then scatter in the same way that natural teeth respond to light. Finally, maintaining a porcelain bridge is relatively simple and easy. A bridge can be maintained in the same way that a patient would maintain original teeth. Routine brushing and regular flossing is really all that is required. Once a porcelain bridge is successfully placed, a follow-up appointment is usually required. Contact your Walnut Creek dentist, Dr. Darvishzadeh today to learn more about porcelain fixed bridges.

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